5 MISTAKES startups make when pitching an investor

1. Fundraising to hire the essential team

2. Requesting an NDA

  • A Pitch Deck is supposed to be an introduction to the business. It shouldn’t dive deeply into sensitive economics or technology aspects: that comes later.
  • If you are concerned, somebody can steal your idea and beat you to market by just looking at your pitch deck, then that risk will continue to exist when you launch. Companies don’t succeed because of ideas: they succeed because of execution: building great products and bringing them to market.
  • Most investors look at hundreds of deals every month, and it’s a terrible liability to have NDAs with all these companies.

Investors don’t sign NDAs to see your pitch deck. No matter how groundbreaking the product is, no matter how many patents you can get.

3. Approaching the wrong kind of investors

Silicon Valley Investors expect the business to increase its value in 10X within five years: which requires exponential growth.

4. Trying to raise too much money

5. Showing that you’re desperate



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