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You have one job as a CEO: don’t run out of money.

Being on top of your Financial Model and business budget can make the difference, and allow managers and founders to make game-changing decisions. The decision to delay a hire or a marketing campaign can get you over the edge, or save somebody’s job.

As your team grows, as your company grows- the weight of these decisions gets significantly higher, and a good financial model is the best way to make educated decisions most of the time.

Our company, Slidebean, is a venture-backed startup based in New York. In 2017, after raising the second half of our Seed Round, we stepped on the gas, grew our office, our team, and our marketing budget… and it didn’t work out. …

Burgers are a staple in the Western world. People eat millions every year, from the cheap, fast-food option to expensive, gourmet editions.

And vegetarian alternatives have existed for a long time. But as more evidence piles on, everything from how much water it consumes and how much land it requires, the future of meat consumption seems to be coming to an end.

Two companies want to create a vegan option that’s just as good as the real thing. This battle, however, is much more than just a burger patty. It’s controversies, big names, and questionable products. So, let’s take a look at the duel between Beyond Meat vs. …

’Twas the night before Christmas in 2019, when one man sold all his Uber shares. But this was no ordinary man, for he had taken Uber from a localized idea in California to a worldwide phenomenon.

We talk of Travis Kalanick, a CEO whose attitude helped launch Uber into a new level. But, in reality, Kalanick’s time in Uber was driven by an alpha-male philosophy that led to controversies piling one on top of the other.

We’ll tell you all about the scandal, or scandals, that got Kalanick out of Uber in this episode of Forensics.

Kalanick’s origins

Kalanick might be one of the most recognizable faces around Uber, but his origins in the startup world are smaller. They’re always controversial, but smaller. While studying computer engineering at UCLA, he met Michael Todd and Vince Busam. …

A younger version of me and a younger version of this Youtube channel started this series called Startup Funding Explained.

We went through a theoretical company’s story while analyzing how the cap table evolved through various rounds of funding. Make sure to watch Parts 1 through 3 if you want to get a grip on that.

Watch Startup Funding Explained Part I-III

But if you are only in for the good stuff, that’s OK. This video will analyze a few exit scenarios for that theoretical company and how much money everyone does, or does not make.

BTW, a lot of the topics covered here were way beyond my expertise, so Steve Barsh from DreamIt will be joining us to elaborate further on some key aspects of how this transaction works. …

So, you’ve probably heard the news. But if you haven’t, let me get you up to date. Airbnb is going ahead with its IPO, and everyone is excited but cautious.

It’s been a tough year for the tourism industry, and Airbnb was no exception. Facing massive cancellations, firings, and an unpredictable global situation, the idea of an IPO seemed bleak.

Then, Airbnb announced a positive third quarter in what seemed an improbable turnaround. In mid-November, it filed its S-1 to go public. How did a company that relied on tourism manage to do this? …

Nowadays, with just a couple of taps, your favorite food is at your door. Delivery apps, especially in this hectic 2020, are a staple in our day-to-day lives.

With thousands of restaurants to choose from, ease of use, and the comfort of staying at home, it’s no wonder why these apps are such a success. But food delivery technology is also controversial.

Accusations of monopolistic behavior and stingy earnings for contractors have surfaced lately. Plus, there’s always the question: will we have to stay indoors for much longer?

So, when delivery giant DoorDash quietly announced its IPO in late 2020, some were excited, but others were cautious. But, how did DoorDash get to this point? …

His Instagram is the stuff of legend and has even earned him the rank of King of Instagram. Millions of followers have seen him cruise around in yachts, sleep on stacks of money, and even fired M-60 machine guns.

He’s also an actor and entrepreneur who made his riches playing poker. At least, that’s what he has told the world.

But, lately, Dan Bilzerian’s lifestyle has caught up with him, a lot of his past has come to light, and he doesn’t seem to be that perfect alpha-male example. Let us tell you all about it in this Forensics.

Early life

Born in 1980, Daniel Brandon Bilzerian is the son of Paul Bilzerian. …

Best productivity apps in market

Keeping up with all we need to do to run a business is hard. From meetings to due dates, events, and many more obligations, being neatly organized requires serious time management skills! Smartphones and calendars with push notifications mitigate and help. Yet, our recommendations of the best productivity apps currently out there can really boost our use of time. Crank an optimized level of production with all you should know about the best productivity apps in 2020.

To begin, let’s see what productivity software is.

What is productivity software?

To give a definition of productivity software, think of all those apps that help with organization. They’re tools that have been designed to make work and personal tasks easier to handle. Many different apps work to improve productivity in this sense. They can help with someone’s personal or work life. Students, as well as business teams, can use these for team collaboration, for example. And their most vital asset is how they help us get more done, whether through to-do lists, reminders, scheduling possibilities, running agendas, and more. …

Do you know what your CAC is?

The backbone of Slidebean’s growth has diligently and accurately tracking our customer acquisition costs.

Our marketing strategy consists of cycles that go like this:

  • Spend some money testing a marketing channel (usually between $500 and $1,000 for a first test).
  • Measure how many acquisitions we get from that channel.
  • If the numbers make sense, double the budget.
  • Repeat until the numbers no longer work.

Every single marketing campaign we do and continue to do is based on this premise.

Our first successful channel was Google Search Ads. We doubled the budget until the Cost of Acquisition no longer made sense to us, then SEO, and YouTube. With this channel, we are still doubling down on our budget every month, and the numbers continue to make sense for us. …

An active US-Corporation has a number of associated costs you might or might not be familiar with. Whether you are a US company or a foreign startup looking to incorporate in the US for billing/investment purposes, you should be prepared for these corporation costs that are going to take a hit in your company.

In Slidebean we originally opened a US Corporation as part of our time in the DreamIt Ventures accelerator, but we also needed it for billing purposes (looking at you, Stripe).

Anyway, let’s get started.

Incorporation: $500, One Time

Incorporating is a no-brainer deal that can be done in the course of 1–2 days by any decent lawyer or by a web service like LegalZoom. Creating your company in Delaware is a standard and unless you have a VERY good reason you shouldn’t attempt to do this in any other state. …



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