You have one job as a CEO: don’t run out of money.

Being on top of your Financial Model and business budget can make the difference, and allow managers and founders to make game-changing decisions. The decision to delay a hire or a marketing campaign can get you over the edge, or save somebody’s job.

As your team grows, as your company grows- the weight of these decisions gets significantly higher, and a good financial model is the best way to make educated decisions most of the time.

Our company, Slidebean, is a venture-backed startup based in New York. In…

Alright, so let me make a confession. I don’t know enough about the dot-com bubble, and I should, being a tech company CEO, you know.

And mind, you, I’m 32. I was 12 years old at the change of the millennium, but back in 99' all I cared about was my N64.

What I know about the dot-com bubble was this massive overhype on internet businesses that happened in the year 2000-ish, which led to a massive market crash. That I know.

And, and,… there are some keywords in my head, like eBay and Amazon. …

Is it taking quite a while for accounting to get to finalized audits or financial reports? Maybe your startup is just getting started with internal expense tracking. Or perhaps this is the first time you’ve been asked to file an expense report. There’s absolutely no shame in any of that. And the process doesn’t have to be daunting.

We’re actually here to give you tangible ways to ease your reporting needs with all you need to know about expense reports.

Cut back on time spent furnishing these files. And learn about innovative ways of letting expense management software deal…

Facebook vs Apple

These two companies have been holding grudges for years, and now Apple is hitting Facebook where it hurts. Right where it makes money. If anyone still didn’t know, Facebook makes money by powering the ultra-targeted ads you see online.

Yes, those ads can get kind of creepy at times when they pop up to show you products that you may have talked about recently or even just thought about.

And the magic behind the creepiness relies mostly on intelligent trackers that follow you all around the web and the apps you use to learn from your behavior and habits…

When you live and breathe Software as a Service, terms like ARR, MRR, LTV, CAC become just part of your daily slang. Gross vs. Net MRR Churn, and how is it different from Customer Churn.

It’s a real mess. So much so that for new company employees, I sometimes do a group class on ‘understanding SaaS’ to make sure they understand the language I speak after 6 years of running a SaaS company.

Software as a service key metrics

In this article, we’ll go over,

  • The basics, MRR and ARR.
  • Expansion, contraction, and reactivation MRR.
  • Churn Rate, and the difference between customer churn, gross revenue…

Our Youtube channel grew from around 30,000 subscribers to just over 200,000 subscribers in 2020. A silver lining in an otherwise shitty year.
But if you’re new reading this, it might surprise you to know that Slidebean’s Youtube channel is, for the most part, just a marketing channel for us.

I didn’t start as a Youtuber, nor did I intend to become one. I’m the CEO of this venture-backed startup called Slidebean, and our core business is helping startups succeed, not just making cool videos.

So that’s why sharing our Youtube stats is a no-brainer for us. It’s only…

As the world of cryptocurrency broke out of its incipient stages, a name showed promise: XRP. Now, it’s making news for all the wrong reasons. Prominent asset managers in cryptocurrency have severed ties with XRP, and its value has plummeted.

Also, Ripple, a company frequently associated with XRP, faces a lawsuit that could seal its future. Authorities have placed the magnifying glass on Ripple and XRP, and the world has noticed.

While some people might say it’s just another example of the unstable world of cryptocurrencies, this story goes further. …

We can always go down different paths to get investors to fund our startups. Yet, of course, we want to find just the right ones to do it. Our top 6 tips on how to find investors are here to help you find the most suitable type of investor for your business — and give you a bit of valuable insight on the matter, too.

What kind of investors are there?

The kind of investors that will help your startup most depends on a few factors. First, take a company’s stage into account. …

What is Onlyfans?

What do you get if you can have influencers and explicit pay-per-view content in the same place? Social media with paid nudes? Well, yes and no. A sponsorship site for adult-content creators? Yes and no.

What you get is OnlyFans, and people are still figuring out the morality around it.

This site is only four years old, and it grew wildly in 2020, now counting more than 90 million users and a million content creators. It is the latest disruption in the social media landscape, but also in the adult entertainment industry.

That’s right, if you are younger than…

When both the Republican and Democrat parties agree that you’ve gone too far, then you have, in fact, gone too far. That’s the case with Facebook. The social media giant has had a volatile 2020, and now it faces not one but two lawsuits.

Authorities have accused Facebook of breaking antitrust laws and monopolizing social networks. The possible consequences of these lawsuits are enormous, as they might change social media for good.

But Facebook is confident that they have done no wrong. Are they? …


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