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You have one job as a CEO: don’t run out of money.

Being on top of your Financial Model and business budget can make the difference, and allow managers and founders to make game-changing decisions. The decision to delay a hire or a marketing campaign can get you over the edge, or save somebody’s job.

As your team grows, as your company grows- the weight of these decisions gets significantly higher, and a good financial model is the best way to make educated decisions most of the time.

Our company, Slidebean, is a venture-backed startup based in New York. In…

As the world of cryptocurrency broke out of its incipient stages, a name showed promise: XRP. Now, it’s making news for all the wrong reasons. Prominent asset managers in cryptocurrency have severed ties with XRP, and its value has plummeted.

Also, Ripple, a company frequently associated with XRP, faces a lawsuit that could seal its future. Authorities have placed the magnifying glass on Ripple and XRP, and the world has noticed.

While some people might say it’s just another example of the unstable world of cryptocurrencies, this story goes further. …

We can always go down different paths to get investors to fund our startups. Yet, of course, we want to find just the right ones to do it. Our top 6 tips on how to find investors are here to help you find the most suitable type of investor for your business — and give you a bit of valuable insight on the matter, too.

What kind of investors are there?

The kind of investors that will help your startup most depends on a few factors. First, take a company’s stage into account. …

What is Onlyfans?

What do you get if you can have influencers and explicit pay-per-view content in the same place? Social media with paid nudes? Well, yes and no. A sponsorship site for adult-content creators? Yes and no.

What you get is OnlyFans, and people are still figuring out the morality around it.

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This site is only four years old, and it grew wildly in 2020, now counting more than 90 million users and a million content creators. It is the latest disruption in the social media landscape, but also in the adult entertainment industry.

That’s right, if you are younger than…

When both the Republican and Democrat parties agree that you’ve gone too far, then you have, in fact, gone too far. That’s the case with Facebook. The social media giant has had a volatile 2020, and now it faces not one but two lawsuits.

Authorities have accused Facebook of breaking antitrust laws and monopolizing social networks. The possible consequences of these lawsuits are enormous, as they might change social media for good.

But Facebook is confident that they have done no wrong. Are they? …

If you’re starting your first company, understanding stock, preferred stock, options, convertible notes, and other fundraising instruments can be truly overwhelming. We didn’t find a single video that covered this, so here we go.

Startup Fundraising 101.

If you are an early-stage startup in the tech space and you are looking for money to grow your company, the official term is raising capital, the most commonly recommended instrument to raise funds is a convertible note. However, to understand how those work, we first need to understand how equity (or stock) works.

What is a Stock?

You are probably semi-familiar with the term ‘stock.’…

Imagine you see a video on Instagram: it’s Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkwoski, Hailey Bieber, and other elite influencers, all having the time of their lives in the Bahamas, with beach, concert, and party scenes. Even if you don’t know it, you want to be there.

The video is an ad for the most luxurious and exclusive music festival ever: the Fyre Festival. When Kendall Jenner posts about it, it’s officially an internet phenomenon.

It goes viral, social media goes crazy, and millennials get their bank accounts ready to buy tickets for thousands of dollars, as they don’t want to…

Startup Valuation

When you speak to early-stage founders they often don’t understand how they can either determine a reasonable valuation for their friends & family, seed, or Series A round, or judge if an offer they receive is “fair and reasonable.” There are a lot of moving parts to valuation and things vary across rounds. So let’s get into the details and also cover what typical numbers look like for these types of rounds.

I’ll talk about valuation issues in the order things come up. So we’ll talk about valuation and other factors at play during friends & family, angel/Seed, and…

Burgers are a staple in the Western world. People eat millions every year, from the cheap, fast-food option to expensive, gourmet editions.

And vegetarian alternatives have existed for a long time. But as more evidence piles on, everything from how much water it consumes and how much land it requires, the future of meat consumption seems to be coming to an end.

Two companies want to create a vegan option that’s just as good as the real thing. This battle, however, is much more than just a burger patty. It’s controversies, big names, and questionable products. So, let’s take…

’Twas the night before Christmas in 2019, when one man sold all his Uber shares. But this was no ordinary man, for he had taken Uber from a localized idea in California to a worldwide phenomenon.

We talk of Travis Kalanick, a CEO whose attitude helped launch Uber into a new level. But, in reality, Kalanick’s time in Uber was driven by an alpha-male philosophy that led to controversies piling one on top of the other.

We’ll tell you all about the scandal, or scandals, that got Kalanick out of Uber in this episode of Forensics.

Kalanick’s origins

Kalanick might be…


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