How Digital Nomads are shaping this Costa Rican Paradise

5 min readJan 26, 2023

The pandemic brought a new kind of tourist to Costa Rica, an already important destination for tourists worldwide, but there’s a problem. The country wasn’t ready. In addition, the sheer amount of foreigners that have moved to the country in the past five years has driven up housing prices, and most of this spike happens in the coastal regions.

This is a faraway reality for locals living in the capital, San José. They hear of the many foreigners, many Americans, who come to the shores to retire, but few can gauge the impact. Though many Costa Ricans aren’t aware of this migration, they’re well accustomed to what happens when tourism goes wrong.

Coastal cities such as Jacó are now riddled with crime and rampant drug use. So, will Nosara go through the same evolution? This article covers how one of Costa Rica’s best destinations could lose its identity soon and how a small group of locals is trying to stop that.

The Magic of Nosara

Costa Rica is famous for its beaches, but one, in particular, has managed to shine above them all. Nosara is a small region five hours away from the capital, surrounded by nature.

Due to its geographical formation, the beach is ideal for surfing. Long, unbroken shores create massive waves with very little in the way. In addition, the weather is consistently stable, barring the rainy season, and you can expect high temperatures all year round.

Tourists and locals enjoy the beach in Nosara

Infrastructure-wise, Nosara has also seen massive developments, yet it still holds a bit of its previous essence, one which is inevitably rural. Basic structures live side to side with huge mansions, directly impacting many fronts. However, Nosara has one main difference: it’s greener and more packed with nature than most other destinations in Costa Rica.

At its core, Nosara holds the Nosara Biological Reserve, 35 hectares of untouched, primal land, which act as a lung and heart for the region. This grants it a sense of remoteness, unlike…