How Spotify beat Apple at their own game

The Origins

In 2006, back when listening to music was either expensive or illegal, Swedish entrepreneurs Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon wanted to make music more accessible, through streaming. So, Spotify was born.

Success and problems

Let’s take Pandora. It was a free music-streaming service that relied heavily on ads. Spotify, on the other hand, offered a paid membership, which eliminated all ads.

Spotify vs. Apple

Apple is a big player; we all know that. But it doesn’t have all the tricks up its sleeve.


2020 has seen the rise of other forms of entertainment have risen due to the lockdown, besides music. One of which is the podcast. On a year-to-year basis, Spotify’s podcast mentions have increased by 67% while Apple’s rose 45%.

The future

Spotify isn’t home free, especially when it comes to money. The famous free-to-paid user churn is still a challenge. They did see profit in 2019, but projections indicated it wouldn’t last. And it didn’t.




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Slidebean helps startups raise millions with awesome pitch decks.

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