How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost

Do you know what your CAC is?

The backbone of Slidebean’s growth has diligently and accurately tracking our customer acquisition costs.

  • Measure how many acquisitions we get from that channel.
  • If the numbers make sense, double the budget.
  • Repeat until the numbers no longer work.

Digital Channels

Let’s start with the easy stuff. You can track conversions from Digital using Google Analytics. The platform is free, and as long as it is set up correctly, it will track all the data that you need.

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Google Analytics — Goals

You can find that under Admin > Goals. A Goal is quite literally a conversion. You can define that conversion when the user reaches a specific page: like a success page on your website.

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Google Optimize

Having your Goals set up correctly will also allow you to run free A/B tests on your pages, using Google Optimize.

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Ask your users

Another fantastic way to track customer sources is by just asking your users. Whenever you upgrade your Slidebean account, we will ask the question: where did you hear about us? If you give them a simple menu with straightforward options, you can collect incredibly valuable data here.

CAC: The formula and some examples

Now let’s talk about estimating CAC.

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