How to Pitch a New Business to investors: Monthly

Monthly app: The pitch

The Problem Slide

Solution Slide

Product Slide

Customer Profile

Business Model




Secret Sauce


A breakdown of the slides

  • First, I started with Traction. In our case, traction is not only important to get some credibility, but it’s our secret sauce. The reason we believe we can succeed with this business is because it’s useful to the customers we already serve. I probably would have shown revenue metrics rather than user metrics on a real investor deck, but well, this is our blog and I don’t want to tell you what our real numbers are.
  • Notice how I merged the solution to the Product. I spent very little time talking about the ‘Solution’ and quickly jumped to the Product slides, so that we could showcase the product.
  • I also included a customer profile or customer persona slide. Two reasons for this- first, we felt it was important to clearly state how much we understand these types of companies- we are one of them after all. But beyond that, I think a customer persona slide is useful for a lot of decks. Sometimes products are very abstract or very complex, and explaining who is the customer persona that uses it can provide a lot of clarity.
  • On Go-To-Market, you should normally talk about your growth strategies. If you are pre-revenue, you need to show that you have the ability to grow and scale a product. If you are post-revenue, then the Go-to-Market slide can very much focus on your existing unit economics and how you expect those to behave moving forward.
  • A rollout plan or timeline is also a good addition to a Go-to-Market slide.
  • Probably the key here is the purpose of the video above. Aside from helping you out, giving you some pointers, we are measuring success rate. We are measuring conversion rate on our landing page. We are measuring how excited you are about this product. It’s the Lean Startup style.
  • I am not settled on TAM- what I did is a very rough pass of our potential market. There’s probably some narrowing down that needs to be done to understand how many companies we can truly acquire. I just haven’t had time to do it. My real investor deck would probably have more research there.
  • Last but not least, fundraising. Our situation is special: We don’t need money now, we want to dilute the company unless we see the potential of faster scale and I understand better than ever that we need traction.



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