How To Write An Elevator Pitch

The Craft

The Trim

  1. Jargon — No wants to hear anyone talk about the churn rate of forecasting a value-add to the buyer persona, especially in an elevator.
  2. Buzzwords — While it seems like it’s the same thing as jargon and sometimes may include jargon, there is a difference. Jargon uses technical terms that at least make some amount of sense to anyone in the same or similar field. Buzzwords are just gibberish used to make it seem like a salesperson understands something of which they have no clue. In a sales pitch, this almost always includes the word ‘synergy’. Avoid it.
  3. Looking at the ideas we have left, cut out any words that don’t add meaning to the presentation. The point is to get straight to the point, not to overwhelm folks with fancy adjectives.
  4. To keep the pitch on the right track, we need to remove anything that focuses on our needs instead of their needs. Rather than saying, “I need this sale so I can put food on the table,” it might be a better strategy to say something like, “I’ve put everything into creating a product that works within your system and addresses the issues you’ve been having.”

The Format

The Closer



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