How to Write the Perfect Pitch Deck

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If you’re wondering how to write the perfect pitch deck or how to craft the right story for it, you have come to the perfect place!

Certainly, as a startup that’s focused on presentations, we have had to pitch many times and creating pitch decks with the best pitch deck design is just our bread and butter.

Moreover, it’s our definite specialty, which is why we offer content and design services that you can find better explained here.

How to Write the Perfect Pitch Deck

As pitch deck consultants, we focus not only on the greatest of slide design but also on crafting the perfect story, for an investor deck or business pitch to have the best possible flow during a demo day or other kind of presentation.

And we mention this, because not only are visuals important, but the way in which you will present your content is also crucial to giving a solid and overall great presentation.

How Long Should A Pitch Deck Be?

Let’s begin by the length of your material. As a point of reference, your pitch deck should range between 10 to 20 slides.

Overall, think of your presentation as a summary of your business. Include your vision and business plan in this, yet bear in mind that you are trying to get into a meeting with an investor, thus only needing a solid hook to present further at a later date.

In these cases, your presentation should be guided to be read over email, perhaps, which should be a solid consideration of your final pitch deck efforts. Otherwise, you might be needing this for a live presentation in front of an audience on the stage, which makes the presentation structure change slightly and we’ll cover how.

In either scenario, consider the length as similar in terms of the final number of slides.

how to write the perfect pitch deck
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The Difference Between Emailing and Presenting A Deck

Emailing a Pitch Deck

So, the material you submit over email should be self-explanatory. Your reader will be on their own trying to comprehend your business purpose, vision, even your competition!

Hence, including a smaller font and a bit heavier text makes sense as the person will most likely be on their own on their computer trying to figure out the behind-the-story kind of content to the material you have submitted. Thus, enter text here that truly gets your most solid concepts and ideas across, without over-extending in what you mean to say or using too lengthy sentences to convey your point.

While you can include text that makes sense, do not make it a point to include full, long paragraphs whereby everything is absolutely stated or every single detail is part of the presentation.

Your idea is to get responses to a live meeting or further conversations with investors or other parties; thus, consider this an attention grabber for further efforts and not just your one chance at saying everything there is to your company.

Before we move on from this point, consider adding a way to monitor which slides have been read and which have been skipped or simply overall unread after you have emailed your pitch deck.

This will be essential knowledge for you to control how to, follow-up email conversations with investors or other interested parties after you have engaged in your contact efforts.

Have they read 100% of all slides? If not, which were the ones in which they were most interested? Have they even opened your deck and shown any interest or are there other efforts needed to reach that same party?

This tool works as a compass for your follow-up and should be an ally for you in your funding efforts, rather than missing out on this significant piece of info.

Presenting a Pitch Deck

When presenting live, on the other hand, remember you will be the key feature to your slide presentation.

As you will guide the audience and attention will be paid to you more than anything else on stage, make of your presentation your perfect companion and resource with appealing visuals, numerics, charts and other data that help drive your verbal point across.

It shouldn’t take over in any way, but be the perfect design and back-up content to get your verbal communication across better.

In that sense, small font does not work well at all, as your audience will be far from your presentation slide projection and should be able to read whatever you put upfront.

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Slide-By-Slide Pitch Deck Descriptions

As investor deck consultants, we have truly learned how a slide’s unique value needs to meet its full design and content potential that separates it from the rest.

Having multiple slides trying to convey the same point is counter-effective to the dire need of being succinct, effective and an overall great presenter. When it comes to funding, we also know how the diverse areas of interest to a potential investor are crucial to what you bring in front of them.

This is all part of the reasons why we have largely covered slide per slide descriptions of what should be part of a great pitch deck not only in text with descriptions per slide, but through our CEO Caya’s video descriptions. You can read and see more on that here.

Why We Claim To Excel

Having worked with startups for now well over seven years and having refined presentations for at least over 5 of those years, we are also well-experienced in the most selective startup programs.

We learned the ropes as a startup company and now find ourselves positioned as a software-as-a-service and VC-funded company with 600,000+ users worldwide; most of which are early-stage startups, by the way.

Having had first-hand experience in the Silicon Valley, New York, Chile and other parts of the world, we have gone on to making this tool and advantage available to more and more entrepreneurs worldwide, which is why we have focused on crafting winning pitch decks through our pitch deck consulting services. Contact us on your pitch deck consultation today!

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