How to Write the Perfect Pitch Deck

How to Write the Perfect Pitch Deck

As pitch deck consultants, we focus not only on the greatest of slide design but also on crafting the perfect story, for an investor deck or business pitch to have the best possible flow during a demo day or other kind of presentation.

How Long Should A Pitch Deck Be?

Let’s begin by the length of your material. As a point of reference, your pitch deck should range between 10 to 20 slides.

how to write the perfect pitch deck
Photographer: Thomas Drouault | Source: Unsplash

The Difference Between Emailing and Presenting A Deck

Emailing a Pitch Deck

So, the material you submit over email should be self-explanatory. Your reader will be on their own trying to comprehend your business purpose, vision, even your competition!

Presenting a Pitch Deck

When presenting live, on the other hand, remember you will be the key feature to your slide presentation.

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Slide-By-Slide Pitch Deck Descriptions

As investor deck consultants, we have truly learned how a slide’s unique value needs to meet its full design and content potential that separates it from the rest.

Why We Claim To Excel

Having worked with startups for now well over seven years and having refined presentations for at least over 5 of those years, we are also well-experienced in the most selective startup programs.



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