Making our Company Financials Public (again)🏦

Raising this round was sooo easy compared to the previous one because we had incredible traction to show for.

  • First, learn how we keep track of our historical performance and project future performance with our Financial Model.
  • Second, to understand how financials operate for a tech startup of our size back then.
  • And third, to dissect them, learn from our mistakes, and even more, to point them out to the rest of the community and us.

The parts of a Financial Model

First, the COGS Sheet

Second the SG&A sheet.

Third the revenue sheet, where we not only log revenue but KPIs.

Fourth working capital and CAPEX.

Fifth Summary Spreadsheet

Sixth Projections Sheet

Managing cash in the bank and runway

So, how did we balance those expenses?

Then it’s recurring expenses.

Finally, you have variable expenses.

Let’s look at revenue now to understand Unit Economics.

Some conclusions



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