The Top 5 Startup Directories to list your Startup

Top 5 Startup Directories

6 min readOct 14, 2019


We have outlined the top 5 startup directories we could find and we’ve elaborated on them a bit for your reference.


Launched more than 12 years ago and back in July 2007, Crunchbase is a leading startup directory. There are about 50 million registrations to Crunchbase, it includes investors as well as market researchers and sales businessmen and women aside from their already-expected and solid entrepreneur base. The website takes pride in over 3,700 global investment firms that produce portfolio updates on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, and under a paid Crunchbase Pro subscription, users have access to advanced search features, CSV exports and custom listings. Like many of today’s online tools, Crunchbase also relies on artificial intelligence and algorithms for accuracy, anomaly scanning and the production of data alerts.

How Do CrunchBase-like Listings Work?

The brilliance of crowd-sourcing is that people and businesses are the ones to feed and enter data on these listings on their own and for others. This means the website itself just needs to focus on fostering those subscriptions, and Crunchbase does that through diverse programs. The catch is for interested parties in this kind of information, such as accelerators, investors and others, can get access to the data they need, on private and public companies, for instance, once they have also shared data themselves.

Of course, the effort of sharing about companies owned pays off when the information in return has to do with founding members to a startup, a company’s investment information, any possible acquisitions or mergers, and many other trends and data.

We truly recommend Crunchbase, and we do so high enough to suggest it becomes a priority (if you ever needed one in terms of positioning your company in directory websites) to get listed with them — for free.

Google My Business

Listing on Google My Business bears fruits probably more common to your navigation experience than your mind can recall consciously. It is precisely through this site that businesses get to display their “About” information section and contact details to the right of search results via Google’s search website while also being featured, in a way, on Google Maps. A neat side-benefit to listing here is that businesses can even respond to customer reviews or use said ratings and comments to better optimize paid ads. A well-maintained site on this platform has been claimed to produce up to 5x more views.

The advantage to using this service is its local SEO enhancement, which makes companies awfully visible to consumers in the search area once they look for businesses with the “near me” feature. Even if you might not have posted your business yourself, you might come in late in the game and claim an existing entry, which is a great added benefit. More than 10 listings per owner are also able to be managed in bulk, while fewer than these 2 full hand capacity can be edited manually. With the photo addition tool and follow-up to reviews, business information can truly stay updated in a way that is easily accessible to mobile and desktop users. Cranking this up even higher for added benefit would be to truly make of this listing your ally and keep it updated with offers, holiday information, special scheduling notices, relevant and timely promos, etc.

While we’re at it, make sure you’re optimizing your business listing page by keeping it not only accurate but fully filled in the required registration field slots. Enter your services offered and make sure you are choosing a category when you verify your listing, for instance.

All in all, the free aspect of registering a startup with Google My Business is almost only surpassed by the power of fast and convenient schedule sharing along with contact details directly to customers.

The Tools behind Launching Next

Focused on trending startups and startup tools, Launching Next is, as they claim for themselves, “home to more than 5,000 new startups” while they also advertise their platform as “a community of tech startups.”

Under a free sign-up for business submission, the agility of a 1-business day publication comes at a current $49 price for their paid package. The other strong point for this website is that it offers up to 200+ curated startup tools and resources with which users can engage in order to launch or grow a business.

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Referring to

Aside from a similar function as above, also allows startups to refer to their company profile on their listing to apply for innovation challenges amidst their corporate network.

Promising users the ability to “enrich and automate workflows with portable data on tech companies,” Index focuses on generating connections, especially between startups, corporate brands, and investors in the tech scene through diverse data.

While they provide daily news, the website also relies on AI to run its data mine and seeks to allow entrepreneurs to track their competition while also being able to collaborate with team members straight from their platform. A free version is also tied to 3 different paid plans, amongst which the cheapest $25/month fee is focused on workflow automation through app connectivity.

Alltopstartups Premium Listing

Last but not least, Alltopstartups is really more of a blog oriented in startups, yet it surpasses what one could consider a regular blog with a hit of more than 70,000 monthly visitors and over 100k overall followers. Through a premium option, a startup can be featured on their homepage and boosted on their social media with a review of that business being posted multiple times during the week of its publication. This is kind of a neat offering for just $89. There are several other rates and packages to consider with the ultimate one rounding $1200 in cost for a considerable upheaval of your audience’s following. A part of this mentioned package has to do with collaboration on an eBook with Alltopstartups’s founder, Thomas Oppong, who is also knowns as the creator at Thinking in Models, the curator at, the columnist at Inc. Magazine while also being a contributor at Entrepreneur, and the Observer.

Founded in February 2010, Alltopstartups also makes a free plan available with access to their Startup Tool.

How Startup Directories Work

Startup directories bear the advantage of showing specific startup companies as a solution to a searchers’ needs. In the case of your precise business positioning (of which we speak briefly in our most recent considerations for go-to-market strategy presentations, it is simply in your best interest to be the one showing as a result in a startup listing rather than referring that sale or connection to a large number of competitors.

As generating traffic to your website means doing business, not only do directory websites help with networking, but they also assist with link-sharing between websites. Given that every vote to a site improves that company’s ranking in search engine’s databases, by listing your business in directories you ensure a speedier presence for yourself.

From a customer point-of-view, finding a new business listed on a directory website simply gives a better sense of trust that the service or product offer is legitimate and that any contracted activities will be engaged with a referenced or trust-worthy service provider.

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Make Your Startup Visible

A startup or business can attain a great deal of visibility with a simple set of clicks and a short while spent on entering data with which everyone in a company should be familiar. When launching a startup, take business directories (especially those focused on startups) as a valuable and accessible resource.

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