The Toys “R” Us Closing story | Company Forensics

Why did Toys R’ Us close?

How does the biggest toy store in the world end up in bankruptcy? It’s a question worth answering.

Toys R’ Us is born

George Lazarus was a pretty smart guy. Back in 1948, at just 25, he started a company that made baby furniture. Why babies?

Success and more success

While the brand expanded moderately during the 60’s, it was the 70’s and 80’s that saw a boom in its growth, up to a point in which Toys R’ Us was considered the biggest toy company in the world.

Category Killer

Category Killers are retailers that offer massive amounts of products and variety. They usually attack the consumer with low prices, product selection, ease of shopping and aggressive marketing.

The nail in the coffin

So, companies like Walmart and Amazon did do some damage. But, as you can see, not all of it.

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