The Uber Pitch Deck Used to Raise Funding in 2008

The structure of the Uber pitch deck


  • Medallion System (or Problem Part 2)
  • Solution: Uber Concept
  • Solution: 1-Click Car Service
  • Operating Principles
  • Apps
  • Website
  • Use Cases
  • User Benefits
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Fleet
  • Initial Service Area
  • Tech
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Composition of Market
  • Target Cities
  • Potential Outcomes (an amazing slide)
  • Smartphones
  • Future Optimizations
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Location-Based Service

The Uber Pitch Deck Problem/Solution Section

The cab experience was undoubtedly broken, and this is the opportunity they saw.

  • Hailing is done using 90’s methods: hands and phones- not taking advantage of the now widely available GPSs.

Product Section

Again, since there was no app to show, each feature and piece of functionality had to be explained. I would have replaced many of these slides for a step by step diagram, showing the process of hailing an Uber or telling ‘the story’ of calling a regular cab vs. calling an Uber. Don’t listen to me, I suppose, we’re not the $72B company.

Uber Pitch Deck Slide

Now the Go-To-Market Section

The market size should put the company size into perspective. In this case, this Uber pitch deck used the US Taxicab market as a reference, a $4.2B opportunity.




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Slidebean helps startups raise millions with awesome pitch decks.

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