What Makes Up the Best Presentation Templates?

Having raised $800K on a seed round, Slidebean not only deals day in and out with the best presentation templates, it does so from the very knowledge of a functioning start-up that is now at 25+ employees and has historically moved from zero capital to a profitable 7 digits in current revenue figures.

What’s best of all in a fast-paced business environment such as today’s is that Slidebean’s AI actually allows users to create beautifully designed presentations in seconds, not hours.

best presentation templates

Business powerpoint templates like we knew them at the beginning of this Century are quickly being outdone for a number of reasons.

With a pitch deck commonly defined as a 10–20 slide summary of your company (including your business plan and startup vision), this type of material needs to not only get you in to a meeting with a new investor, but it should also work for presentations you give in public to actually pitch your company.

So what makes up for the best presentation template for these scenarios, indeed?

Nothing works better to catch an audience’s attention than surprise. In that sense, opening up your door to a conversation with a well-crafted, simple, yet eye-catching business cover slide can only work to your advantage.

Think of your pitch deck as your first impression with a potential investor. Etiquette is simple, and so is your opening slide. With the name of your company and tagline opening up your private or public speaking session, it would be a shame to start off on the wrong foot with an outdated presentation design platform.

So make sure of your choices. If you’re relying on the same old, same old out of a need to stick to your basics, it might be best to reconsider spending a bit extra time on getting to handle a more innovative presentation design arena than wasting a chance at a solid pitch that can actually raise some money for your company.

The answer will depend on your needs. And, for that, consider your circumstances. Are you looking for a pitch deck? In which case, we have vastly covered the fundamentals to pitch deck content across numerous articles that you can check here.

If you are into sales, then most certainly your content will need to be varied in ways that we have also defined for you quite succinctly in this article. The list of needs is infinite, but the advice remains the same:

Focus on your final purpose, and note that the best presentation template is the one to best fit your content needs, which means the choice on the best resource for you will ultimately depend on the use you’re giving it.

That said, we do have a very clear idea about which resources make up for our best performing templates in every scenario, and we have even created a list of those not only in alphabetical order, but also based on a wide range of topics. You can find that handy list as a resource at the end of this article. So let’s get to it!

Would you consider a presentation template known to have raised about $600K in a single round successful material? We thought so!

Back in 2009, when Airbnb first pitched their business to investors, these are the slides that helped them do it. Bear in mind that, back then, the founders’ projections might have come across as awfully daring. Little did anyone think they would surpass $7,200,000 worth of funding from late 2010 to $450,000,000 in less than 3 years, leaving even Hilton Hotels behind with nights booked. Even Wyndham and Hyatt lied far behind Airbnb’s valuation line by spring 2014, when the originally named “Airbed and Breakfast” hit the $10B valuation mark.

Extensive media and analytic coverage rightfully explains Airbnb’s long-standing success, and the succinct and straight-to-the-point presentation slides they used to pitch during its early stages had a lot to do with the process. Airbnb’s pitch deck was simply incredibly successful at summarizing the company vision and the huge market opportunity they had before them. Again, this is a case of a slide being used efficiently to get the necessary content across.

Our founder and CEO has torn this pitch deck down, slide by slide, actually.

Ready to give Airbnb’s template a shot, instead? Go straight to it here!

Looking for business growth through the best marketing plan template? You’re doing so many things right by that decision, it’s only natural you’re looking into the best business slide out there. Kudos to you for coming to just the perfect place!

For those of you still learning the ropes, and for all of us who could constantly use business refreshers, a Marketing Plan template should help you coordinate efforts and ideas to achieve your company’s growth objectives. If the template you’ve been creating thus far deviates from this general concept, we suggest you stop and just give our Marketing Plan Presentation a look.

The questions a business powerpoint template such as this should be addressing have to do with your target, your plans to reach and retain your target audience, all of your competitor info and your key differentiators. Definitely make sure the template you’re using on your next business presentation template for your Marketing Plan addresses these questions.

Though we’ve made it awfully clear that the best presentation template is one to fit your ultimate needs, we also need to highlight how professional quality design is just bound to make of your presentation template the right go-to material.

Fonts that are legible from afar, neither too big nor too small, should work towards being catchy to the audience’s eye and far from distracting. The use of charts and imagery should support your thesis statement per slide, not furnish with visuals what would otherwise be a weak content.

Metrics are probably your best-selling point for business presentation slides, for which a good template should allow you to present your numbers, data and main lines in succinct and truly well-crafted design. Can you spare on time spent designing and putting an overall presentation together? That would be your overall win in this.

If you truly want to make sure your pitch is done by professionals, designed to be competitive in the funding world or just a great design for your business needs, trust Slidebean’s new pitch deck writing and re-design services.

We hope this has been of help. Feel free to browse our blog and video channel to learn much more!

Here’s the list we promised, our best presentation templates:

  1. Airbnb Template
  2. Business Plan Presentation Template
  3. Company Profile Presentation Template
  4. Digital Marketing Proposal Presentation Template
  5. Go-to Market Strategy Presentation Template
  6. Guy Kawasaki Presentation Template
  7. Investor Deck Presentation Template
  8. Master Thesis Presentation Template
  9. Marketing Plan Presentation Template
  10. Project Proposal Presentation Template
  11. Social Media Report Presentation Template



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