What you need to know about Pitch Deck Design

7 min readFeb 2, 2022

A pitch deck can help firms and entrepreneurs attract investors by providing a detailed but brief overview of their organization. Understanding the components of a great pitch deck will help you in getting the fund you require.

What is aPitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a short presentation, often made with PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, or Slidebean. It is used by entrepreneurs or businesses to give potential investors, such as venture capitalists or angel investors, a concise but informative summary of their company or startup.

It is a visual document that offers investors vital information about your business plan, product or services, fundraising needs, and key metrics like value, target market, and financial goals. It is also known as a startup pitch deck or slide deck. The most effective pitch decks are short but informative, with basic, visually appealing slides generated with a software application.

A pitch deck is designed to pique investors’ interest and excitement in a company, potentially leading to a second meeting and investment conversation. A pitch deck is an essential tool for generating business funds, but it’s simply the first step.

What Makes A Good Pitch Deck Design?

Here are some of the dos and don’ts of what makes a good pitch deck


Make your pitch deck look amazing

A visually appealing pitch deck helps increase conversions. Images and infographics express concepts faster than writing. Including animation, videos, and charts in your pitch deck will help you wow clients.

Clearly label your slides.

Give each slide a catchy title. This makes it easier for your audience to ask follow-up questions.

Tell stories to convey your ideas.

Stories engage readers, whether they are clients or investors. Stories can help show a need for your product or service. To receive better pitch deck responses, explain your ideas using stories or offer instances of stories that represent your ideas.

Use bullet points on slides.

Remember that this is a short presentation. Avoid text-heavy presentations. Explain in points in detail but don’t pack it all on your slides.