What is Onlyfans?

What do you get if you can have influencers and explicit pay-per-view content in the same place? Social media with paid nudes? Well, yes and no. A sponsorship site for adult-content creators? Yes and no.

What you get is OnlyFans, and people are still figuring out the morality around it.

This site is only four years old, and it grew wildly in 2020, now counting more than 90 million users and a million content creators. It is the latest disruption in the social media landscape, but also in the adult entertainment industry.

That’s right, if you are younger than…

You have one job as a CEO: don’t run out of money.

Being on top of your Financial Model and business budget can make the difference, and allow managers and founders to make game-changing decisions. The decision to delay a hire or a marketing campaign can get you over the edge, or save somebody’s job.

As your team grows, as your company grows- the weight of these decisions gets significantly higher, and a good financial model is the best way to make educated decisions most of the time.

Our company, Slidebean, is a venture-backed startup based in New York. In…

Coinbase wants to make cryptocurrencies mainstream finally. Of course, Bitcoin and Ethereum are nothing new. However, the whole crypto madness is still pretty overwhelming and intimidating for most people, and Coinbase is working to change that.

They have big goals and big money. With more than 56 million users, the company just recently went public by getting listed in the Nasdaq stock exchange,

We often talk about companies going public in this show, but this is different because it is the first time a fully crypto-oriented company did it. …

<img src=“altcoins and cash.jpg” alt=“altcoins_list” title=“altcoins important”>
<img src=“altcoins and cash.jpg” alt=“altcoins_list” title=“altcoins important”>

Learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain can be overwhelming. And, while we all want some Bitcoin, there’s a lot we might not know about. For example, what are tokens and altcoins? Well, in this article, we’ll tell you all about the most important and why they matter.

According to CoinMarketCap, there are about 9,000 altcoins. Still, new ones spawn every day. Some are real, and others are just plain scams. But, before we dive in, let’s talk about some important terms in this fascinating world.

These are some practical terms you should know.

First, let’s talk about cryptocurrencies. These digital currencies use cryptography to verify transactions. …

How to find a cofounder?

As we’ve scaled Slidebean and had the chance to connect with hundreds of companies, one of the most common questions I get is around how to find a cofounder. The most common scenario I come across is an executive/business/sales founder, looking to find a tech co-founder to develop the product they have in mind.

So let’s dissect this situation, understand the challenge this startup faces, and look for alternatives to meeting that persona.

In this article, we’ll look into:

- Assessing if you can be a solo founder.

- The ideal co-founder trio.

- Of course, how to recruit…

“Shit, this is a big problem,”

Jason Goldberg wrote in a letter to company executives. His unicorn had run away and was heading directly towards a cliff.

But he was no rookie. In fact, he was an accomplished entrepreneur. By 2013, when he sent the letter, his creations included Jobster, Socialmedian, and Fabulis, which eventually became Fab.com.

The e-commerce company was founded in 2011, and in two years, it had raised $336MM. But, by October 2013, they had already spent more than half of it.

Even after spending $200 MM, Fab.com hadn’t tested their business model and they didn’t…

“How does your company fail after raising $50MM?”

This was a real comment/question on one of our Company Forensics videos.

For someone outside the startup ecosystem, the amounts of money these companies raise just seem obscene.

Uber has raised $20 BILLION dollars in funding, and it’s yet to turn a profit. WeWork raised $22 BILLION dollars, and it’s currently on life support (we are shooting this in our WeWork office in New York, which makes it… weird).

Even smaller companies deal with rounds in the millions of dollars, and valuations in the hundreds of millions. …

How to calculate a SaaS startup budget

A third of startups end up closing shop for the simple reason that they run out of money. Don’t let that be you.

DashThis has been in the automated digital reporting business for almost 8 years now, but we started out like most SaaS businesses out there: in our founder’s basement. The fact that we deliberately avoided venture capital funding made conscious spending not only important but necessary.

So although there is no magic formula for entrepreneurial success, every entrepreneur knows that developing a great product and starting a new business requires a fair amount of money.

Related article: How…

Kickstarter has become one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms in the world. Some ideas end up with millions in backing. Others are tiny successes that otherwise wouldn’t have existed. And then there’s potato salad.

There has been almost $6 billion pledged, with over 204,000 successfully funded projects.

Funds are increasing every day with more and more people flocking to Kickstarter each day. And their ideas don’t have to be huge. In fact, most of the projects don’t ask for more than $10,000.

But some of these projects are pretty crazy. And, you know us, we love a crazy story.

How Kickstarter was born

Perry Chen © and his friends, Charles Adler (L) and Yancey Strickler, launched Kickstarter in 2009

Broadly speaking, a bailout is to provide financial assistance to an entity about to fail. And yes, in recent history the US government has stepped in a few big times to save the day.

Do you see? Sometimes the crisis may come from a specific industry or sector of the economy, like the housing market crash of 2008, which ended up blowing up on Wall Street. When the government has to refill the banks and financial institutions with money, to keep the system from going down. That is referred to as a corporate bailout.

It is not a popular…


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