You have one job as a CEO: don’t run out of money.

Being on top of your Financial Model and business budget can make the difference, and allow managers and founders to make game-changing decisions. The decision to delay a hire or a marketing campaign can get you over the edge, or save somebody’s job.

What is Onlyfans?

What do you get if you can have influencers and explicit pay-per-view content in the same place? Social media with paid nudes? Well, yes and no. A sponsorship site for adult-content creators? Yes and no.

“Shit, this is a big problem,”

Jason Goldberg wrote in a letter to company executives. His unicorn had run away and was heading directly towards a cliff.

“Life’s too short to think small”

And nothing about his journey to becoming one of the world’s most prominent billionaires has been small. His company, Softbank, is a giant in multiple industries…

Business valuation: Understanding company shares

The first concept your business needs to grasp is how shares get issued. We are accustomed to thinking of company ownership as percentages. I’m giving 10% to this investor. The founders are keeping 30% each for themselves.

The failed origins behind Houseparty

There was a buzz going around the 2015 South…

Smartwatches are here to stay, and the Apple Watch is the most popular. But the competition is tough, especially on the fitness side.

Every day, we hear that we should walk more, watch what we eat, and work out. So, some of us need to keep track. Fitness wearables exist as far back as 2003. But as more and more people got into exercise, competition has increased.

  1. People you know: friends, family and fools.
  2. People you know: 2nd level connections.

The Apple Watch is now a mainstay in the wearable sector. But, did you know that its history is chaotic and fascinating? Read this article to find out more about this timekeeping icon.

Back in 2015, the Apple Watch was, according to many, a flop. The debate raged on: is it luxury or is it functional?


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